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Finding the right person for your project starts with writing a great job post. Describe what you need done and the skills you're looking for you'll get qualified applicants, almost immediately. (We'll even search out and send skilled candidates your way.)t.

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This update replaces the word "Contractor" with the word "Freelancer" throughout the LanceStar User Agreement to conform to similar wording use across the LanceStar website.

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Anything you can do on a computer from graphic design to software development can be done on Lancestar.Our freelancers can tackle a wide range of projects:

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Take a look at our How it works link to learn first-hand how a few of our most successful clients grew their businesses with online work.

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Your protection is our first priority! And we've developed the tools and processes to be sure you get the work you deserve.

Payments to freelancers are painless and stress-free. Start by choosing your preferred payment method: Credit card,PayPal,Bank account


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